No Artwork, Just Ideas

Unfortunately, I didn’t get anything done over the weekend, but I’m in the process of adapting my DCUO character into an actual character.  I’ve got some pretty cool ideas and I’m jotting down some notes.  Once I get everything fleshed out I’ll start doing some concept sketches.  I’m not sure what is going to come out of this.  It might just be a character that I can use to practice the comic book style.  (I really want to work on inking and coloring)  But maybe I’ll actually start a comic up.  I’m not sure yet.  I guess it depends on how many ideas I can think up.

Once I get everything jotted into my notebook, I’ll post more here.  One thing I am pretty sure of is that her real name will be Brigid Morgan.  If you like mythology you might see where I’m going with this…

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