My Latest Project

This past week I’ve mainly been working on a project that will be auctioned off at the local Humane Society’s charity dinner.  The theme this year is “Masquerade for the Animals” so they wanted local artists to decorate masks.  I’m pretty excited about it.  My dad took me to the dinner last year, and there was some pretty great artwork so I was excited to be a part of it this year.  Plus it benefits the animals!

There were several different styles of masks, but I ended up choosing a cat shaped mask.  I had some trouble at first, because I had too many ideas and only one mask but I settled on making it an Egyptian cat mask.  In addition to just decorating the mask, I reshaped the ears and area below the nose with paper clay.  I made the ears more long and pointy like those of the cats in ancient Egyptian artwork.  The area below the nose I thought needed to be more pronounced to make it more cat-like.   I wanted to bring in a lot of Egyptian motifs without making it too crazy.  The eyes are supposed to be like Eyes of Horus.

Here are some pictures from when I dropped it off today:

I also just want to say that I love the fish mask behind mine.  It reminds me of a Zora from Legend of Zelda.  😉

I hope it makes lots of money for the animals!

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