Sleepwalker WIP

Well, I said I was going to post everything, so here’s what I’m working on now.  It’s some line art still in the very early stages for a new painting.  It’s influenced by the song “Sleepwalker” by Nightwish.  Ever since the first time I’ve heard that song I’ve had this image in my head and now I’m finally going to put it to paper (or computer screen).   I’m also getting the chance to apply what I learned in costume history.  🙂  I’ll keep everyone posted on the progress.

I find it harder for me to be precise about my lines when I’m drawing with the tablet.  I don’t really do it very often.  Usually I just use it for painting and coloring.  I thought this would be a good chance for exercise, though.  Maybe not being able to be precise is a good thing, though?  I think I spend less time obsessing over lines with a tablet then with a pencil.

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