Dr. Sketchy’s – Chiara Scuro

This past Saturday I went to Richmond for the monthly Dr. Sketchy’s session.  This month my friend modeled in her gorgeous Princess Nuala  cosplay.  I like to go to Dr. Sketchy’s because I think it is helping me learn to draw faster.  Unfortunately, I had some trouble this time around, I think because I knew the model and was focusing too much on trying to get everything perfect,  especially her face.  Oh well, I’m still sharing my sketches anyway.  Here they are:

The two minute sketches.  The first one I was late for.


These two were done with the Pentel brush pen.  Majorly messed up the face in the first.  Didn’t get to the face in the second.  Haha.  I really like the second one, though.  I want to finish it and maybe paint it with watercolor.

Pencil/Colored Pencil

This one was for a contest.  We had to draw her in an imagined setting.  Annd since I happen to know Chiara Scuro loves My Little Ponies, I thought I’d draw a sky scene with ponies and rainbows.  Too bad I couldn’t remember how to draw MLPs! Haha.

And this one is my favorite.  Also, this is why I should draw more with pen.  I have a bad habit of erasing too much.  But look!  I didn’t erase and it turned out fine!

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