Dr Sketchy’s: The Karma Kontraption

As promised (for those actually reading), here are my drawings from this month’s Dr. Sketchys featuring Karma Jane.  I mostly drew in pen this time around based on the success I had with it last time.  There are also a couple of colored pencil drawings.  I think I did much better this month.  Still not good enough to win any prizes, but I am improving and getting faster.  Annnd I hardly touched the eraser!  Just gotta keep practicing!

Like I said, she’s a contortionist!

Ouch!  You can see where I was running out of time and started to get sloppy.  >.<

This was difficult.  We had to draw her while hula hooping!

Awkward pose is awkward.  And I mangled the hands..

This is a good example of why I need to get faster!  For the contests, we often have to draw things that aren’t there.  For this one we had to draw her with a siamese twin.  I rushed just to get both people in there.  I like the concept, but it could have been executed better.

I like this one, but her left leg is a little goofy.

Aaaand my favorite of the bunch, the last one.

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