Princess Celestia Repaint

As I am a lover of animation, I have recently fallen in love with the show My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.  Yes, it’s a little girl’s show, but it’s so much more than that.  Any animator could tell you why this show is awesome and why it’s a huge step forward in television for girls.  Anyways, I’m not posting this here to get into all that, but because every fan of the show knows that Princess Celestia, while white in the series has been made pink in every toy that exists of her.  So since I’m a fan of the show and not a 5 year old girl, I decided to fix it.

This is kind of a tutorial, but more importantly I just wanted to share some info that I thought might be useful for anyone who wanted to repaint their Princess Celestia figure to make it accurate to the show.

First things first, break out your Celestia figure.  That’s this one:

She comes from the 5 character gift set.

The first thing you need to do is remove the mane and tail.  Be forewarned, this is NOT easy.  They are being secured by several points of glue.  It’s easier to pop the glue if you use a butter knife or something to give you leverage.    The points on the mane are on the back side of the neck, the front of the neck by the wings, on top of the head, and in the bangs.  In my opinion, the hardest points to break were the back side of the mane (because there is a nub that sticks into a hole in the mane), and the bangs.  I had managed to break all the points, but struggled to get the mane off of the forehead.  It’s difficult to work the knife in there, but keep at it and you’ll eventually get it.

The tail was much easier in comparison.  There is another nub on the leg where the tail covers it.  It’s a little difficult to break, but nothing like the bangs.  Once you break that just twist the tail and it’ll eventually come out.

Here is a picture showing the under side of the mane.  See how much glue was in the bangs?

Here she is with the mane and tail removed.  Notice the nub on her leg?

Now you need to prep her for painting.  You can either chose to completely repaint her eyes and cutie mark if you feel confident enough.  If not, you can do what I did, which is cover them up with masking tape.  First, I took a piece of tracing paper and used it to trace over the eyes and cutie mark.  I then laid the tracing paper over the masking tape and cut the shape out with an xacto knife.  I wasn’t sure if it was going to work, so I covered a slightly larger area than I needed to.  As a result I had to go in with a brush later.  But, since I tried it and it worked just fine, you can cut the tape to match the shapes perfectly. They’ll be just fine while you’re painting.

Here’s my Celestia all taped up.

Next comes spray painting.  I recommend spray paint, because you won’t leave any brush marks.  Tips for those new to spray painting: Spray lightly in a sweeping motion.  Try not to over saturate an area, because you’ll just end up with puddles and you take the chance of having the paint run.  Don’t worry about coating an area completely all at once.  It’s best to do several light coats.  Just keep going over each side until she’s white.  Getting in between the wings is harder, but just keep sweeping over the top and don’t be tempted to focus on the area for too long.

Oh, and I’m sure it’s obvious but make sure you do this outside!

Once you’ve finished painting it’s best to let her dry overnight.  While she might be dry in an hour or so, she’ll still be a little sticky.

Once the pony is dry you can remove the tape.  As you can see, there are some pink areas that I had to cover.

If you have any pink areas like I did, you can use a very fine brush and acrylic paint to cover the pink.  I find it’s best if you do this in lots of thin layers instead of fewer thick layers.  If your layers are thin and you mess up, you can easily wipe it off and start over.  You’ll have a harder time doing this with thick layers and you run the risk of your paint being gloppy.  Water the paint down a bit and with a very steady hand paint in all of the pink.  It’s going to take some time, but trust me it’ll look better than trying to do it quickly.

This is after adding a few layers.  Notice how you can still see the pink?

After finishing the eyes and cutie mark it’s time to paint the gold on the hooves.  The actual Princess Celestia art shows her hooves being a very light yellow, but I wanted to make mine gold, since I think it’s a type of armor.  I used a mix of Folk Art’s Metallic Inca Gold and Metallic Pearl White.  This way it was lightened up a bit, but still comes across as being armor.  But again, this is totally up to you.

Let the paint dry and spray it with a sealer.  Once that’s dry, you can glue the mane and tail back on.  Gluing the mane isn’t entirely necessary, because after adding all the paint it’s gonna be a snug fit.  Adding glue to the bangs and the neck (near the wings) will hide the old glue points and keep the mane secure.  It’s also not necessary to add glue to the tail, but the tail will come out more easily if handled.

I also chose to repaint the crown, but this is entirely optional since the colors are already accurate. I used the same gold/pearl white combo I used on the hooves so that they matched.  I also used a metallic purple paint on the gem stone so that it catches light and well, actually looks like a gem stone.  The picture at the top doesn’t show it well, but the original crown and gemstone are quite dull.

And here she is all finished!  Congratulations!  You’re new *and accurate* Princess Celestia is now 20% cooler.

8 thoughts on “Princess Celestia Repaint

  1. this looks very well done! I have a few questions though,
    Do you have to spray it with a sealer when your done painting?
    Does the white spray paint have to say it can be used on plastic? (i have spray paint that dosn’t specify)

    1. Thanks! I did use a sealer, and I would definitely recommend doing so! I used regular old white spray paint, because that’s what I had at the time. It worked out just fine, but if you have to buy the paint I’d probably recommend getting plastic spray paint. It’s good stuff. ;D

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