Inktober 2016 #23

The Horror!! Plaidweave! It had to be Dorian. Plaidweave looks bad on everyone, but only Dorian and Vivienne would care, and Vivienne pulls it off better. Sorry, Dorian, but the plaid was fun to draw! Might try to get another picture in the morning. The lighting is not showing the yellow very well. 

Inktober 2016 #21

“What’s in Your Rucksack?” Dragon Age 2 had the weirdest junk items. Honestly, who is gonna buy this stuff?! I didn’t do a lot of shading because I’m tired, and because I want to color it later. Are you tired of Hawke yet? Cause I’m not! Drew her in her finery for something different.

Inktober 2016 #18

People of the Qun/ Tal-Vashoth (Qunari) “I am the Iron Fucking Bull!” I wasn’t sure how he was going to turn out, but Iron Bull was actually a lot of fun to draw. Except for the tattoos/war paint/whatever it is. I tried to get it as close to what it’s supposed to look like as … More Inktober 2016 #18