Comic Art

I’ve been working on this piece for a while now.  It kind of got put on the back burner when the wedding planning went into full swing.  But this past weekend I sat down with it again and got it finished. It’s my first real attempt at creating something in the comic book style, as … More Comic Art

Sleepwalker WIP

Well, I said I was going to post everything, so here’s what I’m working on now.  It’s some line art still in the very early stages for a new painting.  It’s influenced by the song “Sleepwalker” by Nightwish.  Ever since the first time I’ve heard that song I’ve had this image in my head and … More Sleepwalker WIP

2010 Christmas Card

Lets ruin this nice gritty theme with a bright and cheery Christmas picture!  Just because I haven’t posted it anywhere yet, here is the painting I did for my Christmas cards this year. I don’t normally do a lot in the anime style since I don’t think I’m that good at it, but I had … More 2010 Christmas Card